Q & A: What happens if you get married without a marriage license.?

Question by lydia w: What happens if you get married without a marriage license.?
I would like to get married meaning I would like to have a wedding ceremony. However i dont want to use a marriage license. What happens if I go ahead and have a wedding ceremony without a marriage license. I dont care if it is recognized by the government or not and I dont care if it is invalid. What is to stop somebody from having a wedding ceremony? Also If i do get married without a marriage license. What does the government do? Will the police barge into my wedding ceremony and arrest us? Is there a penalty for this or a fine you pay. I would like to know what happens. And Like I said I dont care if its invalid.

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Answer by jazz41
It’s not official. Google Eddie Murphy’s last wedding.

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  1. Michael S

    Well if you claim married on your tax returns and aren’t you have committed fraud. If yo accept wedding gifts it is fraud also.Your children would be bastards. Your wife could walk off with someone else with no notice . You would become common law after a while anyway.

  2. Rottie Mom

    Well, as long as you don’t care if it’s invalid, go for it. But don’t be surprised if your family and friends are angry when they find out that they spent time and money participating in your charade.

  3. Mrs. J. loves her husband!

    Unless you go to the courthouse and get a marriage license, you won’t be legally married. It’s not a matter of “being recognized by the government”. They only have people do that because your name changes. You can’t even change your last name at the SS office w/o your marriage license. Then you can’t go to the DMV to change your license. You can’t be on the same insurance policies. Can’t file taxes together. And legally, you will not be married. Period. Marriage isn’t a joke. It’s serious. Frankly, I’m a little shocked that anyone would want to marry someone like you who “wants a wedding ceremony” and not a marriage…. The police will not barge in on your sham of a “wedding”. Gay people have commitment ceremonies all the time. Without the documentation though (marriage certificate) you are no more married than an actress and actor in a tv show wedding….

  4. ?

    You said it. It will be invalid. The marriage will be null & void and will not be recognized by the government. You can have all the ceremonies and parties you want. But you will not be legally married. Personally, I see no point in this… if you tell people you are married just because you had a ceremony, you would be lying. If you’re going to spend all the money for a wedding, why not get married? What’s the point?

    And no, no one will come busting down your door for this. Quite frankly, I don’t think the government or the police really care about your “party”. Just don’t lie on any legal forms and say that you are “married” cause you’re not.


    How would go and why have a fake wedding the Preacher won’t say it’s right to live common law.
    There will be no ring and no con-grads.
    What the point in faking it are you that desperate
    to arrange a fake wedding for yourself
    Dream on my dear and wait for the real thing.
    Like a husband house family to enjoy your wedding day with you hon!
    no there is no law against it but it’s crazy thing to do by yourself
    why waste your time and money on nothing so go find the real thing
    like a man that is free to marry you. GOOD LUCK!

  6. jim761076

    You would be what’s right in the eyes of our Four Fathers and God.
    Originally you didn’t need a license to marry. You didn’t need a license to own a dog, build a fence, drive a car, catch a fish, carry a gun, and the many other things you need one for now. A license is permission to do something that originally is illegal. All these activities are suppose to be constitutionally protected. In this marxist moving society it is only going to get worse and worse.

    I can’t tell you what will happen if you marry without a license. I bet you will have a hard time finding a pastor to marry you without one. Only a very Godly pastor would do such a thing but I fear in this day and age, It would be hard to find one that doesn’t submit to government before God.

  7. redhead27


    Well since you want to play make believe marriage ceremony, let’s see hear… first I would say find someone who is ok with performing a fake wedding then go on your make believe honeymoon…

    This is extremeley childish… what the f*& makes you think the government cares about your make believe wedding ceremony.

    However you get your kicks, but its a waste of time to play dress up and fake a wedding that no one cares about

  8. BPMJ

    a marriage is not legal without a marriage lic… and ever who marries you will not marry you without it… it is a waste of everyones time…

  9. Arthur E

    Wow! You people are uninformed and uninspired! I am researching this very subject for myself because my fiance brought it up. I would have unknowingly gone along with the sheep and never questioned getting a license. Call me crazy but marriage is supposed to be between you two and GOD. Whoa, politically incorrect, I know. Turns out when you procure a license (original definition: permission by competent authority to do an act with which without such permission, would be illegal.) to marry you actually sign away many rights you once had in the relationship AND rights of your children to the state. You CAN change your name legally without a marriage license. Look it up. You can leave your spouse any assets you like in a will and they can absolutely be the beneficiary of life insurance. With all the companies out there offering benefits for domestic partners, you don’t even need to make it legal to get insured. I say leave the government out of our romantic affairs and get on with what’s really important, our love and commitment in front of God. Good luck!

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